Enjoy the Colder Months

Snow removal service in Poughkeepsie, Beekman & New Paltz, NY can make this winter a breeze

New York winters are not always easy, especially if you have snow buildup on your home or yard. Large snow drifts can be a major safety hazard. Luckily, Fanny Landscaping, Inc offers snow removal in Poughkeepsie, Beekman & New Paltz, NY. We have the equipment to handle any snow buildup, including trucks, big loaders, snow blowers and shovels. Your property will be safe from heavy snow in no time at all.

Is your home hidden under snow? Get snow removal services from Fanny Landscaping in Poughkeepsie, Beekman & New Paltz, NY today.

Spread Christmas cheer with newly installed Christmas lights

Getting in the holiday spirit shouldn't feel like a chore. If you're sick of hanging your own Christmas lights, you can let us do it instead. Our Christmas light installation service includes setup and removal. Have your lights fallen down during the holiday season? Our crew can come out and fix them so you can get back to celebrating the season.

If you want Christmas light installation and snow removal, ask about our winter packages. Call 845-476-2001 now to learn more.